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Mario meets the Matrix: changeType() a new type of platform game

2014-02-21 10:31:13 by Nitrome


Hi Newgrounds people and welcome to Nitromes new game changeType(). 

What if Mario realised he was in a game and could hack the Mushroom Kingdom as if it was the Matrix? He could change spikes into springs to jump on or make Goopers behave like coins so he can collect them and get more points to boot!

This is the premise of our new platform game with a twist 'changeType()' which you can play here:

You can swap any two items properties that are in your line of sight. Swap an enemy for a breakable tile and kill it by head butting…even swap the end flag with something closer to you and touch that to finish the level!

We're exited to say that this is the first Nitrome game to launch at the same time on Newgrounds as it did on our own site It is an experiment that we hope will lead to us doing this more in the future!

You can play all 130 Nitrome games at




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2014-02-22 07:24:54

good this game ! :3


2014-02-22 18:17:47

Really brilliant and original mechanic. You should think about expanding this into a steam game.