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Nitrome Game Jam

2014-05-18 07:33:45 by Nitrome

Hello Newgrounds developers! Nitrome a frequent contributor to Newgrounds is hosting it's very first Game Jam. Better still rather than keep the jam internal to our studio we are opening it up to any developer who would like to participate. It is a 5 day Jam running from the 2nd of June to the 6th of June 2014.

For full information and to register to participate go to

All entries will be hosted on the website which will be the first time we have allowed 3rd party games :) We expect no ownership over the games so expect to see most if not all of the entries to appear on Newgrounds too!


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2014-05-18 08:21:49

This sounds awesome, I've read the rules and they seem legit.
Hope it's fun.


2014-05-18 09:33:33

Great, more ultra challenging games...


2014-05-18 11:42:00

What's the prize?

Nitrome responds:

No prize I'm afraid. Just the thrill of winning unless someone wants to step up and offer some prizes in exchange for being a sponsor. It's more of a do it for fun sort of event :)

You will though get a decent amount of exposure and link traffic from our site though and is a site that has a pretty large audience which is focused around relatively few games so the traffic to an individual game is pretty good.


2014-05-18 18:08:19

oooh ooh awesome. If I have time i'm totally doing this.

Nitrome responds:

Please do :) If you decide to let me know via email : We are doing some profiles on some people participating :)


2014-05-30 19:47:40

Awesome! This sounds like a ton of fun! And it's before E3!



2016-10-18 02:40:39

Why have you stopped uploading your games here?